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Virtual office in Estonia

Launchpad provides subscription for virtual office and contact person service. You can easily get your company’s legal mailing address, physical mailbox and main point of contact in Estonia.

Why do I need a virtual office address in Estonia?

Estonian companies are required to have a registered address in Estonia. Launchpad provides virtual office subscription with address in Tallinn, business and science park.

Why do I need a contact person in Estonia?

Estonian companies with a non-resident management board (management board residing in other countries) must have appointed authorized contact person. Launchpad can be appointed as a contact person.

Virtual office in Estonia

  • Business address
  • Authorized contact person
  • Mail handling
  • Billing: €150 per year or €15 per month

To order the service, please send an email to [email protected] and we send you details and further information to use on application if you fill it yourself. We also provide a company registration service and our consultants are very happy to help you in registering your company or changing your company’s details in the Business Register.

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Easily start using Launchpad virtual office service and save money.

The offer includes

  • 2 free months of virtual office subscription
  • Company registration support
  • Discount on Launchpad Business

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Easily switch from the other service provider to Launchpad and save money.

The offer includes

  • 2 free months of virtual office subscription
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Frequently asked questions

How can I start using a virtual office service?

You can easily start using virtual office service by purchasing the service. Please contact our team and we will assist you in registering the company or changing your company details when making a switch: [email protected]

Do I really need a virtual office for my Estonian company?

Every company established in Estonia is required to have a registered business address in Estonia. This is specified in the Estonian Commercial Code.

Do I need an authorized contact person for my company in Estonia?

If you are not an Estonian resident and you are a founder and sole management board member, your company is obliged to appoint an authorized contact person in accordance with the Estonian Commercial Code. If your company has more than one board member, but the board members are non-residents of Estonia, your company is required to appoint a contact person.

Who is my contact person?

Media Scope Group OÜ is a licensed tax representative for non-residents and can act under its operating license as your company’s contact person in Estonia.

What is my registered business address?

Your registered address in Estonia is Mäealuse tn 2/1, 12618 Tallinn, Estonia.

What are available billing options?

We offer two billing options: annual or monthly subscription.

Is there any discount for Launchpad Business companies?

Yes. If you are using Launchpad Business, the 20% discount on virtual office is applied automatically.

Is there any discount for a startup in Media Scope Group for Startups?

If you are a startup that is a member of Media Scope Group for Startups, you are entitled to discounted Launchpad Business, including discounted virtual office service.