Launchpad Accounting

Accounting services are tailored to your needs and provided by our team of accountants who have international experience.

Easy and comfortable

All accounting can be done in the software of your choice for integrations with a variety of apps and tools. You can also use our software for accounting.

International experience

Our accounting experts have international experience and are up to date with local regulations. You can do your business globally or locally – we will take care of your accounting.

Tailored to you

The best accounting is tailored to you and your needs. That is why we provide suitable, personalized solutions.

Annual accounts

We can manage your annual accounts in English and Estonian language. This is comfortable for foreign directors, investors and shareholders.

Multiple services

We can take care of monthly and yearly accounting, accustomed reporting, taxation, payroll, salary calculations and payments, payment and daily handling of invoices and many more.

Daily allowance and travels

Our accountants can draft and handle all travel reports and daily allowance calculations for you.

Monthly reporting

For easier monitoring of your company development and success, we provide English monthly reporting. We are ready to help you to keep track of your business at all times. Additionally, we can fill and submit statistics reports and any other reports according to your needs.

Representation and consultations

We provide representation services at agencies regarding accounting matters. We provide consultations regarding accounting and any other accounting related services.

Large volume documents

We can process of specific or large volume documents such as agreements, real estate purchase or sales documents, notary documents, loan agreements, etc.

Request a quote

To evaluate the volume of the work needed, we need some additional information. Please send us your specific needs and questions, so we could send you a price offer.

You can also send us an e-mail to [email protected] or schedule a call.

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