Launchpad Business

Start your own remotely managed company with the support of Launchpad consultants.

We are ready to take care of setting up and supporting you in running your business. You have options to start your very own company established in Estonia, Hong Kong or Switzerland.

You don’t need to get acquainted with accounting, law, paperwork and other complex things. You can spend your time on creating a truly value for your customers, growing your business and doing what you really love. Our consultants would help you in building and managing your company.

Launchpad Express

You don’t need to establish a company to invoice your customers and receive payments.

Launchpad Express is an EU virtual company, a perfect solution for freelancers, independent consultants, creators and influencers. If you want to provide professional services or monetize your digital presence, Launchpad Express is for you.

Launchpad Cloud

Enable your digital transformation with leading cloud computing platform, servers, software and other IT infrastructure solutions to take your business further.

Microsoft 365 from Launchpad

A complete suite of productivity tools and cloud services for remote work, communication and collaboration.

Nimble CRM

Stop wasting time searching your inbox or spreadsheets for valuable information about customers. Nimble is a smart, flexible marketing and social sales CRM. You can store your emails, contacts, communication history and calendars in one platform. Nimble works perfectly with Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365 and G Suite. Nimble can also collect customer data from social networks, e-commerce and more than 130 applications.

Office Protect

Office Protect is a solution designed to help you secure your Microsoft 365 tenant. By combining powerful data analytics and security software, we actively monitor for threats, investigate alerts, provide guided response and remediation, and protect your business from potential threats.

Rocky Linux

Rocky Linux is a community-driven enterprise operating system designed for businesses and enterprises. Launchpad offers enterprise-grade support services and military-grade security solutions.

Data-driven marketing

Combined data analytics, behavioral psychology and cutting edge individually addressable advertising technology to run end-to-end campaigns.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a collection of CRM and ERP applications that help businesses build better relationships with their customers and optimize their operations.

Launchpad Store

Explore products and services offered by Launchpad, Media Scope Group and its partners. Build your business with support of our engineers and consultants.

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