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Launchpad Express

Start invoicing your clients like a company without registering the company.

Your biggest problem has been solved. Really

To get paid for your work you need a company to invoice your clients. If you can’t provide an invoice, you risk not getting paid and loosing opportunities.

But what if you don’t need to register a company?

With Launchpad you can invoice your clients like a company without registering a company.

Invoice like a company without registering the company

Don’t want to register a company? No problem! Launchpad Express is the simple, convenient way to invoice your clients across the world.

With Launchpad you can

  • Start invoicing your clients across the world
  • Easily receive payments
  • Save money and time
  • Get assistance in project agreements with your clients
  • Do what you love without costs and bureaucracy
  • Get benefits from our partners
Digital nomads

No fixed fees. No risk

Launchpad is not just about making your life much easier and more convenient. It allows you to do business without costs. Yes, that’s right. We don’t charge monthly fees. The only fee we charge is 10% of the net value of each transaction (issued invoice). Do you need someone to check your contract or to help you to enter the cooperation with someone? Launchpad consultant will be happy to help you.

It’s simple

Launchpad Express offers convenient way of doing business without registering the company. You can invoice your customers using your preferred invoice program or manually. It’s up to you, Launchpad gives you the choice. You will receive from us the Unique Payment Identifier to be used for receiving payments from your customers. That’s all! You can start your business without paperwork and any hassles.

Your virtual company

Launchpad Express is a virtual EU company. You can provide professional services, monetize your digital presence, quickly get access to the markets across the world. You don’t need to establish a company to invoice your customers. Yes, really. At no cost. We will help you to start your business from anywhere in the world without bureaucracy, paperwork and fixed fees. Business is at your fingertips.

3 simple steps to get started for free

  1. Sign up.
  2. We will contact you to help you get started.
  3. Start invoicing your clients.

By signing up you are accepting our privacy policy and Launchpad Express Terms of Service.