Launchpad Express

Invoice your customers without registering a company.

Your virtual company

You don’t need to establish a company to invoice your customers and receive payments.

Launchpad Express is a virtual company, a perfect solution for freelancers, independent consultants, creators and influencers. If you want to provide professional services or monetize your digital presence, Launchpad Express is for you.

People working on their projects.

Business at your fingertips

Launchpad Express is a solution for all those who want to start their adventure with business at no cost. We will help you start your own business from anywhere in the world without bureaucracy, paperwork and fixed fees.

Simplified invoicing with UPI

We apply the principle of simplified invoicing. Whether you prefer an invoice program or manually issue invoices to customers, Launchpad Express gives you the choice. You will receive from us a Unique Payment Identifier (UPI) that you will use for payments from your customers.

No fixed fees

Launchpad allows you to do business without costs. We do not charge monthly fees. The only fee we charge is 10% of the net value of each transaction (issued invoice).

With Launchpad Express you can:

Work without borders. Turn an idea into a business. Do not bear the costs associated with running a business. Focus on work, not accounting and legal issues. Have access to the European Single Market. Receive payments from customers. Use our legal entity (based on a partnership agreement). Get exclusive discounts on Media Scope Group services.
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Launchpad Business

Your own company with full support of our consultants

Start your own remotely managed company with support from Launchpad consultants.

You don’t need to get acquainted with accounting, law, paperwork and other complex things. You can spend your time on creating a truly value for your customers, growing your business and doing what you really love. Our consultants would help you in building and managing your company.