Launchpad Business

Start your own remotely managed company with the support of Launchpad consultants.

Your business needs the right solution

We are ready to take care of setting up and supporting you in running your business. You have options to start your very own company established in Estonia, Hong Kong or Switzerland.

You don’t need to get acquainted with accounting, law, paperwork and other complex things. You can spend your time on creating a truly value for your customers, growing your business and doing what you really love. Our consultants would help you in building and managing your company.

People working on their projects.

Additional benefits

With Launchpad you can access additional benefits that are available exclusively for launchpaders. These benefits include discounts on marketing, data analytics and PR services, software licensing, cloud and many more. Launchpad is your one-stop shop created especially for you.

Productivity and creative services

We offer discounted software licensing, including productivity tools such as Microsoft 365 with free online backup, as well as video production, graphic design and many more creative services.

Software development

Are you planning to build software and solutions? If so, Launchpad Digital can help you. We are able to build solutions you need and optimize development costs without risking the quality of your project.

Launchpad Business is different

Launchpad Business is your straightforward path to success. Our consultants are here to help you and take care of your company. Instead of treating you as another client, we are focused on being your trusted, dedicated partner and delivering the tailored solution based on a holistic approach.

Financial accounting, monthly reporting, company establishments, representations, corporate legal services, remote management, international banking, visas. Yes, this could be complex and expensive. But with Launchpad Business, you get everything you need, nothing you don’t. You will save a lot of cash without headaches.

Finance: monthly and yearly accounting, taxation, reporting, international banking, payroll, etc. Legal: legal consulting, contracts drafting, representations, due diligence, Estonian e-residency, visas, etc. Business: business/management consulting, business model development, optimization, etc. Discounts: productivity tools, marketing, PR, creative services, software licensing and development, etc.
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Launchpad Business Basic

Starting from €219

Affordable and flexible solution for freelancers, creators and independent consultants.

Launchpad Business Standard

Starting from €299

The best solution for startups, small and medium-sized businesses.

Launchpad Business Premium

Starting from €399

The best solution for medium-sized and larger businesses as well as SaaS/e-commerce companies.

Launchpad Express

For freelancers, independent consultants and creators

Do you want to just invoice your clients or monetize your web presence? If so, you can choose Launchpad Business Basic or Launchpad Express.

Launchpad Express is a virtual company solution created especially for freelancers, independent consultants, creators and influencers. Instead of establishing and managing a company, you are using a virtual company based on the partnership agreement: we give you our legal umbrella, so you can provide services, receive payments from customers you don’t bear costs associated with running a company.