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Launchpad is your trusted consulting partner for starting and managing your business. Our consultants and engineers will help you achieve more, develop your business, create new revenue streams and optimize costs.

Launchpad was launched by Media Scope Group, a leading data-driven communications company specialized in big data, advanced analytics, strategic and behavioral communication.

Since the beginning, we are actively working with people across the world to help them in running companies, optimizing costs, building products and solutions, and business development.

We are authorised by the Estonian Tax and Customs Board – license number: ME 004-2021

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We are proud of being a trusted partner and helping people achieve their goals. Launchpad is and will be for all people that want to start their journey with business and build things that really matters. It doesn’t matter if you are a creator, startup, operating company or a social entrepreneur. We are ready to help you.

Dawid Wiktor

CEO of Media Scope Group


Dawid Wiktor

Chief Executive Officer

Dawid is the CEO of Media Scope Group, Estonian-based data analytics, strategic and behavioral communications firm he founded in 2018. He has structured multiple business and marketing plans, optimized business structures, won political campaigns managed by MSG Political (a Media Scope Group’s election management services division), and is an independent consultant.

Prior to Media Scope Group, Dawid was Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer at Inspire, a venture focused on emerging technologies and advanced research. He also worked as a data analyst and journalist, and was an advisor at the Polish Ministry of Digital Affairs.

Ignacy Brees

Managing Director

Ignacy is the Managing Director of Media Scope Group. He co-founded and served as an Editor-in-Chief of Alternatywa, and worked with multiple political parties and NGOs as well as media communication advisor in many grassroot organization. He is also the President of entrepreneurship-focused Youth Forum Lewiatan.

Ignacy was a member of the Education Executive Team at the European Academy of Diplomacy and Junior Project Manager at Varsztatovnia Foundation where he was responsible for social media marketing and public procurement.

Kristin Hanke

Chief Data Officer

Kristin is the Chief Data Officer at Media Scope Group. She is also a Board Member of Inspire and Director of Programme Development at Inspire Research Unit. She developed multiple advanced data analysis methodologies, algorithms and tools for finance, marketing and research purposes as well as built a predictive analytics software.

Prior to Media Scope Group, Kristin was an independent researcher and data specialist in several financial institutions.