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Start and build your business, create new revenue streams, build products and solutions that people will love with Launchpad. You can also run your virtual EU company without bureaucracy, paperwork and costs.

Launchpad Platform

Launchpad Business

Launchpad Express

Virtual office

I want to

Start and run my own company

Launchpad Business is the solution for you. You can easily start, run and grow your company with the support of our consultants.

I want to

Start invoicing my clients without hassles

Launchpad Express is perfect for you. You can easily start invoicing your customers without registering a company and bearing costs associated with it.

Are you building a startup?

Start-up with
Media Scope Group

By start-upping with Media Scope Group and Launchpad you can easily reach audiences, grow your business, accelerate sales, get access to advisory, and discounts for our and our partners’ services.

Let’s succeed together!